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Tank Day Newsletter Entry


A Romantic Moment...In January we got to learn about the equipment an Armored Cavalry Regiment uses to accomplish its mission. Jaws spent a day explaining how the Armored Cav supports the division and told us the role of each vehicle in the squadron. The picture to the left is us in front of Abrams tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles. The red/yellow stripes are reflective to help people on the road see the tanks better at night.


Mayday In A Humvee


The picture at right is Julie Anne in a Humvee. This is one of the squadron commander's vehicles.







A Lot Of Firepower In The Garage


This is Greg in front of a row of Bradley Fighting Vehicles.





This Would Make Rush Hour A Lot Simpler


Greg in front of an M1A1. The engine in the tank is huge and it really gets your attention when they fire it up!


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