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Kirchdorf Newsletter Entry

...And So Another Year Begins...



This is our first night all together at the Alphof. Left to Right: Andi (ski instructor extraordinaire), Celeste, Derrick, Ian, Marian, Graham, Sylvia, Greg, JA, Marino. Notice the beer everywhere? That was there when we sat down at the table - honestly! OK, maybe not.



Ski Friends From The Netherlands



This is us with Freya and Sylvia at the Alphof during the Tuesday Apres Ski & "official" JA birthday blowout.




Sylvia Loses Her Beer Again!


Here is Wolfgang the Musiker, grabbing Sylvia's beer once again! There is no telling how long this tradition has been going on, but no matter how many people we have at our table he always gets Sylvia's beer. We keep buying him beers and shots, but Sylvia's is never safe.

It Is Hard To Tell Who Is Having More Fun!




Here is another Wolfgang tradition - wrapping his legs around the head of some lucky lady!





Kein Mehr Obstlers Bitte!




Here we are with Edi (Greg's snowboard teacher) & Ernie (another of the Skischule Total instructors). This picture was taken towards the end of a great Apres Ski Party!

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