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Church On MykonosThe first island we visited was Mykonos, which is where this picture was taken. Although the flight to Athens and the first night's hotel was great, getting to the cruise ship on the scheduled day was an adventure in itself. The Greek bus drivers went on strike that day and cabs were at a premium. We were in Athens trying to get to the port at Piraeus and praying that we could find a cab. We finally got one and the driver must have had espresso running through his veins because we had a near supersonic ride to the port. Those white strips of cement next to the road only look like sidewalks -in reality that is the passing lane for cab drivers in a hurry. We made it to the port with time to spare!


Windmills On Mykonos


These are some of the windmills on the island of Mykonos.



Mykonos Harbor



This photo was taken at the Mykonos harbor. The island is touristy but it is very pretty.



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